VMM: Remove VMSwitch Extension

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To remove a VMM VMSwitch Extension follow the steps below:

  1. Remove VMSwitch Extension of all VMSwitches
  2. Remove VMSwitch Extension Manager
  3. Deinstall the VMM Integration Application of the extension

In this example, the VMSwitch called VMSWITCH001 and we remove the VMSwitch-Extension called 5nine vFW extension

With VMM Console (GUI)

You cannot change any settings of a VMSwitch, for example the VMSwitch-Description, with the VMM-Console because VMM change not only the modified settings.
You get the following error: EventID 26805: Because instances of the logical switch 'VMSWITCH001 are deployed on the host, the uplink mode for teaming in the logical switch cannot be changed.
Vmm error uplink mode.png

With PowerShell

Remove VMSwitch-Extension of all VMSwitches

# Get Logical Switch 'VMSWITCH001'
$logicalSwitch = Get-SCLogicalSwitch -Name "VMSWITCH001"
#Check all available VMSwitch-Extensions (Name and ID) -> Needed later
Get-SCVirtualSwitchExtension | Select Name, ID
$virtualSwitchExtensions = @()

Add only VMSwitch-Extensions that you want active!
For example if you want only the VMSwitch-Extensions "Microsoft NDIS Capture" and "Microsoft Windows Filtering Platform" use the following lines:

$virtualSwitchExtensions += Get-SCVirtualSwitchExtension -ID "<Extension-ID>" -Name "Microsoft NDIS Capture"
$virtualSwitchExtensions += Get-SCVirtualSwitchExtension -ID "<Extension-ID>" -Name "Microsoft Windows Filtering Platform"
Set-SCLogicalSwitch -LogicalSwitch $logicalSwitch -VirtualSwitchExtensions $virtualSwitchExtensions

Remove VMSwitch Extension Manager

Get-SCVirtualSwitchExtensionManager -Manufacturer "5nine Cloud Security" | Remove-SCVirtualSwitchExtensionManager

Deinstall the VMM Integration Application of the extension

  • Login to all VMM Server
  • Deinstall the VMM Integration Application of the extension