FailoverCluster: EventID 5120 - STATUS CONNECTION DISCONNECTED(c000020c)

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EventID 5120, FailoverClustering: Cluster Shared Volume 'CSV01' has entered a paused state because of 'STATUS_CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED(c000020c)'. All I/O will temporarily be queued until a path to the volume is reestablished.
01-failover-5120-connection disconnected.png

More Information about the reason of c000020c: Microsoft-Windows-FailoverClustering-CsvFs/Operational, EventID 9296


This error can occurs if you have unused but active network-adapters.

EventID 30807, Microsoft-Windows-SMBClient/Connectivity: The connection to the share was lost. Error: The network name was deleted.
03-30807-connection disconnected-smbshare.png


  • Search the ClusterNode with the IPv6-Address:
$Cluster = "<ClusterName"
$IPv6Address = "<IPv6-Address>"
Foreach ($ClusterNode in (Get-ClusterNode -Cluster $Cluster).Name) {
    Get-NetIPAddress -CimSession $ClusterNode | ? {$_.IPAddress -match $IPv6Address}
  • Search the Network-Adapter with the associated IPv6-Address
  • Disable this Network-Adapter if it is useless (disconnected)