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Example Monitor Windows Storage Mountpoints

PowerShell-Script on the target System

Write a PowerShell-Script "Get-CSVsForDiscovery.ps1" with the following content and save this in "C:\Program Files\Zabbix Agent":

$json = (Get-ChildItem "C:\ClusterStorage\" | Select @{Name='{#CSVNAME}';Expression={$_.Name}} | ConvertTo-Json)
$final = ('{"data":'+$json+'}')

Zabbix Agent Configuration (zabbix_agentd.conf)

Add the following line:

UserParameter=custom.discovery.csvnames,powershell -File "C:\Program Files\Zabbix Agent\Get-CSVsForDiscovery.ps1"

Zabbix Discovery

Zabbix Items Prototypes

Zabbix Triggers Prototypes